Sputnik Sweetheart

by Simtraks

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    On 4 October 1957, the Soviet Union launched the world's first man-made satellite, Sputnik I, from the Baikanor Space Centre in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sputnik was 58 cm in diameter, weighed 83.6 kilgrams, and orbited the Earth in 96 minutes and 12 seconds.
    On 3 November of the same year, Sputnik II was successfully launched, with the dog Laika on board. Laika became the first living being to leave the Earth's atmosphere, but the satellite was never recovered, and Laika ended up sacrificed for the sake of biological research in space.

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released January 1, 2011



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Track Name: Six Overground (Ft. Allen Mask and Sneaker Pimps)
Planet Earth
Are you just floating by?

As I was staring at the gut of the moon
I heard you whisper, "morning comes too soon"
Father let me get away
Leader, take me from the frontline
Angel of the drumline play the rhythms we always retreat to
The air is thin here in the upper echelon
I find it hard to breathe beneath my current lexicon
I'm a servent when I'm wrong
Sweet as honey suckle rose when I'm right, yo
But after tonight I think I see a little light there
Way at the end of Patagonia and nightmare
From here to Macedonia look for the bright flare
I'm still invigorated just off the hints of mortal remedies
Bottled for the victims of the strike zone
And once the vesting period of our munition
Sends a flock of birds to strike home
That's when danger might clone
To stay alive you must believe us
You must believe cuz we the people summon mercenaries
Ladies and gents, lock and load
Saddle up, batter up
Call your shot and keep in mind it's just a matter of time
When these misguided missiles meet misguided men
You'll see I'm not afraid of death
Cuz soon I'm gonna breathe again

Take me down, six underground
The ground beneath your feet
Laid out low, nothing to go
Nowhere a way to meet
I've got a head full of drought down here
So far off losing out 'round here
Overground, watch this space
I'm open to falling from grace

A capricious anomaly in the sea of space
A speck of matter in a mindless void
A lonely spaceship, a large asteroid

I fake my life like I've lived too much
I'll take whatever you're giving: not enough
Overground, watch this space
I'm open to falling from grace
Track Name: Strangers in Arcadia (Ft. AnnMarie Fox)
Lying, thinking last night
How to find my soul a home
Where water is not thirsty
And bread loaf is not stone
I came up with one thing
And I don't believe I'm wrong
Nobody, nobody can make it out here alone

When I'm alone, the milky way whispers a promise telling me
That all my troubles aren't as difficult as they seem
But there he goes, drifting away
To God only knows, to some other place
Searching for something new
Until my paradise comes true

There are some millionaires
With money they can't use
Their wives run round like banshees
Their children sing the blues
They've got expensive doctors
To cure their hearts of stone
But nobody, no, nobody
Can make it out here alone

Off to the night and being clear that dreams were never meant to last
But who's to say that you and I can't rewrite the past
I open my eyes, again and again
To see sunny days waiting round the bend
Searching for something new
Until my paradise comes true

So when will it end?
So when, when will we meet my friend?
Track Name: Just To Be With You (Ft. Simone Martin)
I know I'm rough
I kiss, I touch
We run, we hide
From what is inside
This world ain't big enough for you
You wanted something new
Something right in your life

I would cross the ocean
Fly over the mountain
I would do it just to be with you
People come and go
Wish they'd just leave us alone
Oh, how I'd love it just to be with you
Just to be with you

They say they need
A rose, a ring
(I don't need a ring)
To feel complete
But all I need is you
Cuz I, I can't make it on my own
My heart is so alone
So afraid just to say

I don't need a ring
Your time is all I need now
Cuz I'm happy just to be with you
Don't gotta have a label
"Love" is just a word
But I would say it just to be with you
Just to be with you

We talk, we seek
For things so deep
It's not enough
It isn't what it seems, oh no
But how I wish you'd call my name
And bring me brighter days
It's true, I'm with you

Don't worry about the world around us
There's no telling what's gonna happen
The loneliness is gonna disappear
Just don't run away, love
(Let's find love)
All the pain and the tears we shared
We're gonna find love and what it's all about
Cuz everything's right when I see you smile
Just don't run away, love
(Just to be with you)
Track Name: Glory Days (Ft. Tay Minah and MNOVA)
It's so crazy, I got so much running through my mind
There's a bigger love I've been dreaming of
It burns brighter than the morning light
It gets lonely walking down this road called "life"
It's comforting with your company
Got some people that'll make it right
Hey, hey, what you gonna say, baby?
Hey, hey, get together now
Hey, hey, we only have today
Hey, hey, get together now

You're smiling face gonna wipe the rain away
Feel the sunny rays shining down for me
Now are you down for me?
It's a day and age where so much pain on every page
Gonna make it anyway
Cuz it's gotta be, you know it's gotta be

Glory days, we livin' up those
Glory days, can't get enough of those
Glory days, so sing it with me ya'll
Glory days, hope is gonna keep me strong

Feeling like I'm spinning then I'm in a wonder maze
Maybe I be living like I'm in a summer daze
Crazy, I be thinking this is just another day
But it's true I be grinning and I'm heading on my way
That lifetime high where the people staying mellow
All the ladies dressing fly, passing by and saying "hello"
Brothers give me dap, sit, relax and never jealous
They with it on the claps bring it back I get 'em yelling with
Block party weekends, my uncle's got his grill out
My lady on my side and I'm lovin' her appeal
I'm tipping what I'm drinking to the people I be thinking of
Sipping 'til I'm singing all the melodies I'm dreaming up
I live it up, I see you giving me a little brush
Dust my shoulders off, and I thank you for your touch
Here's to you, when I reminisce the old days
And homegrown Carolina, where I'm feeling home safe

There are times I wonder if it's real
It's hard for me to rely on how I feel
Even though days go by and I
I may fall a thousand times
You are more to me than anyone can see
My family whenever I'm in need
Here with me, I'll be alright
Track Name: Don't Walk Away (Ft. Meredith Fann and Mos Def)
I see you look fly, sexy guy
Every time you catch my eye
Don't know why I get so shy
My girls call me crazy cause
In and out I fall in love
But I can't shake this boy from my mind
Can we go on a ride tonight
Something about us feels so right
We can do anything you like, you like, alright?
Don't know why I'm so impatient
You should just stop hesitating
After all this time I've waited
My baby, I'm saying

When I close my eyes you're all I see
Baby please

Don't walk away
Baby be mine
If I could just freeze this moment in time
Forever wouldn't seem so cold and lonely
Together we'll make it if we can try
So don't walk away
Just stay for a while
I feel so alive when I see you smile
The moon would never shine without the sunlight
So why would you keep me out of your life
So don't walk away

I'm leaving, well go ahead and leave
The call heard around the world from the wives of MC's
These cats is paying more than half a pound
My garment bag I snatch it down
Ain't got to stay but we could probably run a blacker town
Scenarios like this is tearjerkers for the modern MC
i.e. the blue collar worker
Cause this thing called rhyming no different from coal mining
We both on assignment to unearth the diamond
I'm leaving, but God willing I'll be back home
To drop these heavy ass bags up off my back bone
Around the world with a catalog of rap songs
My baby girl is walking, been away for that long
But no you haven't well at least that's how it seems to me
My hometown is like a whole different scenery
Got a lot of things I got to do
But God willing I'm coming back to you

When I close my eyes you're all I see
Baby please

Don't walk away
Baby be mine
If I could just freeze this moment in time
Forever wouldn't seem so cold and lonely
Together we'll make it if we can try
So don't walk away
Just stay for a while
I feel so alive when I see you smile
The moon would never shine without the sunlight
So why would you keep me out of your life
So don't walk away
Track Name: Black Fantastic (Ft. Kaze, Pierce Freelon, and King Mez)
This is relaxation, we creating
A healthy alternative to all that hatin'
Lying and faking-ass music ya'll making
That got my head aching but it's all for the taking
Beats and the rhymes, women and fine wines
When the stars align, this gon' stimulate your mind
My outer works birthed by my interior design
I'm inferior to none so we them brothers on the climb
Spit game drastic, black fantastic
Something that'll leave you calling him rap jam spastic
Shorties in the bag like paper or the plastic
Stretched out on the couch, body elastic
Carolina magic, elevated educated
Cast a little spell to leave your whole block faded
Feeling so good but my outlook jaded
'Til the day I can say, "mama, I made it"

Grass roots, dorm room boothes
Sound proof from the cover of a boxspring mattress
Bootleg versions of Fruity Loops
Is the Reason it's a Cakewalk when we on Acid
Yeah, listen to MP3s from MCs who freestyle over MPCs
Word, this is free music unmastered
When we searching for the black fantastic

Simz banging on the MPC
It's young P from The Beast reppin' NC, Carolina
Yeah, hold it down I need some marijuana
In my system so I can get flyer than a airliner
Get you higher than a hawk, when I'm talking
I'm Stephen Hawking, call me the Physicist
So get up out my face please, slap!
Ya'll ridiculous, I'm taller than a pyramid
You sweeter than hibiscus is
Searching for the black fantastic
So light the matches, ignite the track
It's the human torch
Cuz I be scorching up the booth on fire
Giving you what you require, or desire
Call me sire, like Mez
Break necks of Hip-hop heads, like Pez
In the 'Cack we be killin' kids, like SIDS
Independent music, you already know what it is
Track Name: Reality G (Ft. SkyBlew and WhizKid)
Catch me on a cloud, and keep a big sword in my room
Cuz I know they plotting, wishing for my doom
I presume its a tomb that they wanna see me in
Tweeting's old new to me, I don't follow CNN
Not a fan of the trends, gaining powers it depends
On the battle that I'm in, can't see me? Clean your lens
Watch who's on your team, enemies appear as friends
Got me bathing in this holy water
Trying to clean my sins
Y'all easy like a breeze feel the high wind
It was over when it started, I win
Mobile like Gundam Wing, with more arms than a sling
And I'm fast, they didn't even see a thing
They just know that I passed by
I'm rocking the Casbah
Wish has been granted, I'm schooling fools like FAFSA
Hope that didn't go over your mind, but oh well
Females never got my message, you got no mail

My head in the clouds, I ain't never coming down
Level on 100 I know you love the sound
Cause I put it down and open up your mind
It'll all make sense in due time
A fantasy to you but this is my reality, G
This is my reality, G
A fantasy to you but this is my reality, G
This is my reality, G

Equipped like a weapon, I ain't running for a second
Combinations like Tekken
When I'm instrumental wrecking
Got them decking like cards, only answer to my God
You already know whats up, I ain't even gotta nod
My squad is like knights of the round table
And y'all fools sweeter than Cain hating on Able
Cheat codes enabled cause this life ain't fair
And my mind is like vacation cause I'm just not there, yeah
Aeons is guarding where I lay on
Hungry for this dream, asking God to show me what I gotta pray on
I play on my Final Fantasy, you met a rare loss
Outside of the box, I'm squeezing it till the square's soft
Breaking the limits, but my finishing touch
Got the Shinra screaming out "Blew you just too much!"
And you just can't touch this emcee hammers with Thor
Fantasy or reality: choose either or

See I'm sleep walking on magic
Bout to let my dream cast
Speeding past these quests don’t know my team stats
But I’m leveling up, getting better every day
Spit that verse that hit you for a critical
Whatever you say
I'm floating above it, my lyrics they be like thunder
In the clouds with my homie, Skyblew
Won't mind you, remind you
That dopeness will not find you
Hating blatant, trying to shoot my spaceship
They would love if I don’t make it, ah
Man, I swear I am determination
And I'm grinding like a skater, no Weezy F. baby
I may be a big kid, but my style is outta date
Outta place with my age, I'm a mage on these pages
Women love my mana, they man wont man up
They love that I'm a stand up guy, oh my
Come chill, I don’t mind
Tell me yo fantasies, and I'ma bring it alive
Track Name: On Your Side (Ft. Rare Formula)
Oh, tell me what do I got to do to get through to you
You take control, I let it go, I let it go
I've been doing it right, I ain't got nothing to prove
I disagree, you're dissing me, oh

So what's it gonna be?
I've given enough of me
The game is so silly
So I'm not gonna take this anymore
Checking on my wall
Or who I'm about to call
Now can't you see at all that baby, baby

Don't you know I'm on your side
All the time, baby
You don't have to play these games
I'm on your side

People always fight
Well everyone fights we gotta stay alive
That don't make it right
Well mother never told me better, no
Why can't we all just get along
Stop playing girl, you so crazy
Before the love is gone
Well that just ain't me

Don't wanna sound full of myself or rude
But I need women like I need food
I.E. hitting for she kinda cute
I'm being real honey, how about you?
I'm with you but, like, I'm a dude
And yes I would do a little crime or two
And I approve but when I cry to you
It's like I'm a caged bird, Maya Angelou
Will someone save me?
Why don't you listen?
You try to play me, but no one's winning
So I'm laid back chilling in my Maybach sinning
With straight black women always strapped with it
And now I get it routine, it's a business
I stay grinding cause I'm hard knock living
God as my witness, and you my mistress
Just give it up, come and come and get this
Track Name: With All My Love (Ft. Alan Fox)
You see it happened one night
On my Clark Gable I'm able to recall facts
Take looks back to see a scene
Through my camera lens clean
With some time now the shines all back
You see those lime green eyes gleam oh so bright
And the moonlight assumed that we're oh so right
For each other but the trouble is tomorrow's on the way
Gone with the wind no matter how I wanna stay
Tonight is still today
Tomorrow's yet to be defined
And I'm inclined to make emotion
That's whats on your mind
And you can x-ray my texts, babe
But the next day it would all be for naught
I'm on a jet plane
You don't look like the type of girl I'd lie to
But I don't think you see the same picture that I do
I got those 3D glasses, Hi-Fi too
And if tonight goes well then we should try two

We were all along the waterfront
Feeling like Marlon
Starting to dread the moment that I'd be departing
My call time was all fine
Til I picked up on this preoccupation
Now I'm chasing in my mind
Maybe next time I'm up for breakfast at Tiffany's
Tonight the clock strikes twelve and then that's it for me
It's a tragedy, unfair to leave it all
Cuz my fair lady is the fairest of them all
But the subtlest of hints had me suddenly convinced
I can be a stand-in
I'm just tryna make some sense
The name drops of the same prop come repeatedly
Sets off a trigger, pictures plant a bigger seed
You see I thought I had it here
Slowly fix the rabbit ears
Check the gate, yeah I think I'm out of here
One picture deal, please don't fake the sorrow
You know that there's another me coming in tomorrow
Track Name: Space Escapade (Ft. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking)
Une promenade et l'univers si loin
Après une cascade, son nom c'est toujours toi
Une escapade, la vie est dans les bois
Et puis une ballade, son sujet c'est toujours toi
Track Name: Eternity Window (Ft. Camp Lo)
Plainly the world held wonders of a kind I had never guessed
As far as science can tell, they never existed
How can you tell when someone is only imagining
How could a tone become a picture, and light become a noise?

My mind went numb, my body went cold
I'm on the outside, I'm hollow in my soul
Looking down at myself
Drifting in the distance
No feelings attached
I'm free-falling through existence
Dreams escaping in between life
Paranormal gravity I'm levitating light
That's my body, but that ain't me
I'm the quiet presence in the background watching free
I'm all that's here, but where is here?
I think this is forever in a timeless stare
There he goes, but he is me
Looking out the window of eternity

Sunshine of my life
Eternity window
Love is on my side
Oh will we know?
Sunshine of my life
Eternity window
Space, matter, and time
It burns my soul

Paralyzed panic, trapped in translucent
Lost in a time warp, minus zero conclusion
Can't communicate, can't comprehend
Suspended in a cycle, it keeps playing again (What's next?)
Ask me who I am and I won't respond
It looks like I'm there but my consciousness is gone
Will I wake up? Or am I even sleeping?
I try to move closer but my body keeps leaving (Blastoff!)
Can I return through eternity's window or this is it?
A choice pre-meditated that led to a consequence
I want my body back, but thoughts don't transmit
I'm disconnected from myself and everything there is
I blink once, blink twice
Wait a minute
I can feel my physical, I'm back in it
Won't take life for granted again
Eternity's window, welcome back in
Eternity's window, welcome back in

This is a precious offering from science to humanity
The gift of life
Track Name: Rocketeer Remix (Ft. K.O. Kid, Mondega and VV)
This life is like a movie that I'm watching here
It's blastoff and I'm feeling like a rocketeer
Moving quick, so I'm feeling like I lost a year
And I lost you, well that's awful clear
Success is a path that I'm travelling alone
Touring on the road, so I'm never home
From the show to the bar to another show
So I apologize if I never pick up my phone
I'm saying, I shouldn't be complaining
Cuz I done had some fun with a couple chicks I ain't naming
Going hard at the bar even though I ain't paying
Tryna blackout all these memories is awful draining
Yeah, and countdown's been initiated
I'm sitting here and all I'm thinking is I wish you waited
But I know you're gone I can see it in your eyes
Now it's time for blastoff, look at me up in the sky
I'm gone

Here we go, come with me
There's a world out there that we should see
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I'm a rocketeer

My father never taught me what it meant to love
My mother only told me to get my dollars up
So I cheers with my gang at the bar and clubs
Tell them girls I'll be back I'm bout to smoke a blunt
I'm outside in the parking lot rolling up
Thinking about my life and how I'm growing up
From the slums to the hood and now I'm on the plane
Sharing laughs with a model in between the lanes
If my ex only knew she'd probably go insane
But it don't matter anymore because she walked away
So who am I to blame
If I was in her state of mind I'd probably do the same
It's only common sense
I taught her better so I guess that I'm the better man
A part of me wants to settle but I got bigger plans
First class, all I see is bigger lands
A bigger house, small circle with a bigger pen

Here we go, come with me
There's a world out there that we should see
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I'm a Rocketeer
Let's fly
Up, up, here we go
Where we stop nobody knows
Let's fly
Up, up, here we go
Where we stop nobody knows

Since you’ve been gone it’s been a cloudy gray
Showers in May seem to drown my day
My little Saturn V, the better half of me
And you had my heart soaring towards apogee
Stella by Starlight, first star I see tonight
Can’t light up my life like your smile just might
Wishing and praying just wouldn’t suffice
So I send by satellite every song I write…right?
So what’s it like up there? Tell me
How does it feel to be lighter than air
How’s the Earth look from the other side?
What’s if feel like to have wings and fly?
From this corner of the Cosmos, my Pale Blue Dot
The stardust in my veins still wait for take off
So I’d build a rocket ship and leave the world behind
If it meant that I could see your face one more time
Track Name: Into Eternity (Ft. Allen Mask)
There comes a point within the passage of a
Creative vision from the
Selective speaker to connect with the all
Here to make it to the top and second guessing the fall
We found an apex at the point we make it to the tape deck
And looking back without remembering why
We gave a life to the intangible through keeping it fly
Never saw where we was going looking just to the sky
And how the only we dreaming of trying to get by
It's kinda funny how we spend our days getting ready for
Just living everything we never could be ready for
And I never think about it anymore
I'm trying to make the best of my given hustle
To the last inning from the finish to beginning
Can't do it for me
And I'm owing everything to everybody making it be
So when you see me on your MTV
Make sure I'm doing what I said I'd do
We'll represent the best of the better few

Feeling the past moving in
Letting a new day begin
Hold to the time that you know
You don't have to move on to let go
Add to the memory you keep
Remember when you fall asleep
Hold to the love that you know
You don't have to give up to let go

And if we can find a minute
And if we can take a second
And if we can write into eternity another record
And if we can have a moment
And extend it to a year
And touch a people through controlling every single tear
And if we can pause for just a
The sake of looking back
And the sake of writing into memory another track
Then we'd remember why
This gift was given this collective
Cannot forget it's reason or objective

I remember